Theory Classes

Theory Teacher – Mrs Toni Dunstan ALCM

Our conductor, Mrs. Dunstan (a qualified music teacher) also offers theory classes before choir practice.

Children work on AMEB examination material and are prepared to examination standards for grades one to five inclusive.  Whether they actually sit for the AMEB examinations or not is entirely up to each individual family.

Another very important point: If your child is learning an instrument (which includes singing) and is serious enough about it to be doing exams, once the child reaches a certain grade on their instrument, they WILL NOT receive their Examination Certificate if they have not also completed the necessary qualifying theory exam.  Usually grade three minimum.

This theory work also stands the students in good stead prior to entering high school, not to mention being VERY helpful once a student has actually progressed to secondary school.

The grade four and five examination results can be included on grade 12 final examination certificates and are a requirement should the student be looking at entering Tertiary Studies.

These classes are run from 4.00pm to 4.45pm prior to choir commencing at 5.00pm.

These classes incur an extra cost – $8.00 per week for grades one, two and three and $12.00 per week for grades four and five.  These charges are considerably cheaper than private theory classes and will be included in each term’s invoice. Actually almost half price!